"Just Surb it"

Learn how to take full advantage of Surb.

Even more cool stuff is on the way for you.

  • More Speed

    We help you to find and where you want to go in fewer clicks. We do this through instantly response, and we always try to give whats matter you.

  • Always Near You

    Wherever you are and what you want to find, you can easily target your search by location and find what's near you.
    Surb is the only search engine built on real locations.

  • Save Your Searches

    As a special features you can get your search result as a PDF, or even as excel, directly to your desktop. Choose up to 100 results, it´s completely free of course.

In the News

The Upcoming Search Engine Surb.Com
Will Allow Users to Organizes, Refine..

Surb is expected to be one of the most serious alternatives to Google,
but will have its focus on improved categorization of all web pages.

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